Image from Ladyfashioniser.

There is a random Thought. It triggers Pain,

not here, not now, not real; but,

anticipated Pain.

Brain cannot distinguish between Thought and Real Experience,

thus it gets scared. I get scared from this random Thought.

Then Fear blocks the Brain. Cortex is shut down.

And now, I am wrapped.

Wrapped in my Thought and in my Inaction.

…there was a random thought, with

real, tangible consequences of Inaction.



Image of Jeanne Damas from French Style.

the Attacker is always there,

coming up, and

punishing me every time,

after I exhibit confidence,

after I slightly express myself,

after I speak up,

after I expose myself and shine,

he shows up and attacks me heavily.

This Attacker who lives in me.

I better stay quiet.

I better be invisible.

I better be silent, and

I better be alone.



Action fuels Action, or

do you believe otherwise?

Thinking fuels Action? But often

thinking fuels only Thinking…

Our Life is a plane,

It looks huge and so complex, but so beautiful.

A plane that is in the ground,

unable to lift itself.

It needs Power, which

is there, waiting to be activated. And,

this beautiful, huge plane, needs Someone…

Someone to let it take off.



Picture from Marc Auriel Fashion.

It is hard on me to keep shrinking myself.

It is hard on me to do less than I can actually do.

It is hard on me to work for people less competent and lazier than me.

It is hard on me to keep feeling valueless.

It is hard on me to keep being ignored.

It is hard on me to keep being inferioritised.

It is hard on me to keep doing small tasks.

It is hard on me to waste my time.

It is hard on me to waste my intelligence.

It is hard on me to waster my Youth.

Comfortable life is very hard for me.